August 26, 2009

Our precocious chickens

Our six chickens are officially laying hens now, on their 17 week birthday! We were expecting to wait another month for eggs, but we found four eggs today. Two of them were broken, but two are absolutely perfect. Luckily, Madeleine had a hunch to look in the nest boxes today, because I wasn't thinking eggs yet at all. We saw Lisa, one of the white ones, in one box, and the other nest box was used as well. I have no idea how they know to lay in the nest boxes but I'm glad they do as I was worried they would leave eggs all over.

Back in May, Madeleine crocheted this little egg basket from twine. Cute, eh? She's precocious, too.


  1. I absolutely love the basket and the eggs. Congrats to you and your chicks!

  2. Gosh, this seems like such a long time ago. We're down to four birds, the rest are going through some kind of pecking order crisis, and eggs are no longer blog-worthy. That basket is still holding eggs, though!